Official Kick Off

Kick off

We met in Zürich yesterday for the official kick off for the master thesis work.

We came up with the following goals for the next week:

  • Work out a coarse plan for the master thesis work (until Februar 2019)
  • In a first step implement a manual re-registration in the ARchi VR app:
  • In a second step, investigate what can be automated in this process. E. g. edge detection, AR code, text recognition.


Until now the time was spent with a discovery in the augmented reality (AR) environment. An investigation in the state of the art technologies have been conducted. From ARKit on iOS to ARCore on Android – a basic deep dive into the technology.

I have also got a access to the source code of ARchi VR which is located on a not public repository on the ZHAW github: I looked into the code and built and slightly adapted the sources to get a feeling for the ARKit technology in use and from by Archilogic, Zurich.

Also some basic business model considerations have been looked at, like usages in the maintenance environment (VR and AR, e. g. remote maintenance) or the area of the AR cloud, e. g.